Watch Video 2: The Inversions

Watch Video 2: The Inversions

Video 2: The Inversions

CONTORTURE®: 5 Pack! • 49m

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  • Video 3: The CONTORTURE™ Class

    This is it.
    Putting the strong, supple, well connected pieces together to strengthen and stretch together with Hannah, Alicia, Travis and Alissa. And Jonathan. Yes, him.
    All aboard for your new or old favorites: Squat, Flying Frog, Right Lunge, Pull Ins, Left Lunge, Handstand #1, Headstand Var...

  • Video 4: Weighted Stretching

    Let's take things up a CONTORTURE™ notch.Using plates, dumbbells, sawhorses and steppers we'll get deeper into the perfectly aligned stretches we've achieved.
    What waits ahead? Weighted Splits, Weighted Over Splits, Cobra Weighted Pullbacks, Cobra Body Bar, Hanging BackBends, Weighted Waterfall...

  • Video 5: Advanced CONTORTURE™

    Congratulations Dear Contorturist.
    You've reached the Inner Sanctum.
    Here you will put together the what you've built through Videos 1-4 to bend and balance with strength, control and connection. I will guide you through my moves with tips and insights gained over the past 20 years of performin...